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Dhobi Ghat Movie Full Download In Hindi

Dhobi Ghat Movie Full in Hindi - A Review

Dhobi Ghat, also known as Mumbai Diaries or Bombay Diaries, is a 2010 Indian drama film directed by Kiran Rao in her directorial debut. The film was produced by Rao and Aamir Khan, and stars Prateik Babbar, Monica Dogra, Kriti Malhotra and Khan in the lead roles. The film explores the lives of four characters from different backgrounds and social classes, who are connected by the common thread of Mumbai city. The film was screened at various international film festivals and received critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal of Mumbai and its people.


The Plot

The film revolves around four main characters: Arun, Shai, Munna and Yasmin. Arun (Aamir Khan) is a reclusive and lonely modern art painter, who moves into a new apartment in Mumbai. He finds a video cassette left behind by the previous tenant, Yasmin (Kriti Malhotra), who recorded her daily life as a newlywed in the city. Arun becomes fascinated by Yasmin's videos and starts to paint based on them.

Shai (Monica Dogra) is an American banker of Indian origin, who is on a sabbatical in Mumbai. She meets Arun at his art exhibition and spends a night with him, hoping to start a relationship. However, Arun rejects her and asks her to leave. Shai decides to pursue her passion for photography and explores the city with her camera. She befriends Munna (Prateik Babbar), a young washerboy who works at the dhobi ghat (a place where clothes are washed by hand). Munna dreams of becoming an actor and has a crush on Shai.

Munna also works as a rat killer for a gangster named Salim (Danish Husain), who is involved in illegal activities. Salim asks Munna to spy on a rival gang leader named Rakesh (Rohit Tiwari), who is planning to expose Salim's crimes. Munna agrees to do so, but soon realizes that Rakesh is actually his brother, whom he had lost contact with years ago.

The film depicts how the lives of these four characters intersect and influence each other, as they face their own struggles and aspirations in the city of Mumbai.

The Review

Dhobi Ghat is a film that captures the essence of Mumbai, its diversity, its chaos, its beauty and its challenges. The film uses a minimalist style of storytelling, with minimal dialogue, music and action. The film relies on the visuals, the sounds and the emotions of the characters to convey its message. The film also uses various forms of media, such as video tapes, photographs, paintings and letters, to show different perspectives and layers of the story.

The film boasts of excellent performances by the cast, especially by the newcomers Monica Dogra and Kriti Malhotra. Dogra plays Shai with grace and charm, portraying her curiosity and passion for the city and its people. Malhotra plays Yasmin with innocence and vulnerability, revealing her hopes and fears as a young bride in a new place. Prateik Babbar delivers a convincing performance as Munna, showing his charisma and ambition as well as his loyalty and guilt. Aamir Khan gives a subtle and nuanced performance as Arun, expressing his loneliness and creativity through his eyes and gestures.

The film also showcases the stunning cinematography by Tushar Kanti Ray, who captures the various moods and colors of Mumbai. The film uses natural light and handheld camera to create a realistic and intimate feel. The film also features some beautiful shots of the dhobi ghat, the seafront, the slums and the skyscrapers of Mumbai.

Dhobi Ghat is a film that celebrates Mumbai as a city of dreams, where people from different walks of life come together and create their own stories. The film also highlights the challenges and conflicts that arise from the social and economic disparities in the city. The film is a tribute to the spirit and resilience of the people of Mumbai, who live with hope and dignity despite their hardships.

The Verdict

Dhobi Ghat is a film that deserves to be watched by anyone who loves cinema and Mumbai. The film is a rare gem that offers a glimpse into the lives of ordinary people in an extraordinary city. The film is a masterpiece of art and realism, that will touch your heart and soul.

If you want to watch Dhobi Ghat movie full in Hindi, you can stream it on Netflix or JustWatch. You can also read more about the film on Wikipedia.


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