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CRACK Waves - Complete V10 2018.08.07 (VST, VST3, AAX, STANDALONE) X64

Waves - Complete v10 2018.08.07 (VST, VST3, AAX, STANDALONE) x64

Waves is a leading developer of audio plugins and software for music production, mixing, mastering, and live sound. Waves offers a comprehensive range of products, from classic analog emulations to innovative digital solutions.

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In August 2018, Waves released the Complete v10 bundle, which includes over 200 plugins and components for various audio applications. The bundle is compatible with Windows 64-bit systems and supports VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats.

The Complete v10 bundle offers a variety of tools and effects for every stage of the music production process. Whether you need to tune vocals, shape drums, enhance guitars, or create immersive soundscapes, you can find the right plugin for your needs in the bundle.

Some of the plugins and components included in the bundle are:

  • Waves Tune: A powerful pitch correction and vocal editing plugin that can automatically or manually correct pitch problems and create natural or creative vocal effects.

  • Claire Woodwinds: A collection of 13 solo woodwind instruments sampled in stunning detail and played by renowned musicians. The instruments include flute, piccolo, alto flute, bass flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, English horn, bassoon, contrabassoon, recorder, tin whistle, and low whistle.

  • Bass Fingers: A realistic and expressive bass guitar plugin that lets you play bass lines with your keyboard or MIDI controller. The plugin features a detailed fingerboard with 8 articulations and over 1000 samples per articulation.

  • Brauer Motion: A creative auto-panning plugin that creates dynamic movement and stereo enhancement for any sound source. The plugin is designed by Grammy-winning mixing engineer Michael Brauer and features four different panning modes and a customizable modulation engine.

  • Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain: A modular mastering plugin that emulates the legendary EMI TG12410 transfer console used in Abbey Road Studios. The plugin features five modules: input, tone, limiter, filter, and spread. Each module can be used individually or in combination to shape the sound of your master.

The Complete v10 bundle also includes many other plugins and components that cover various aspects of audio production, such as compression, EQ, reverb, delay, modulation, distortion, noise reduction, restoration, metering, analysis, and more.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and versatile collection of audio plugins and software for your music projects, you can download the Complete v10 bundle from Waves' official website or from other sources . However, be aware that some sources may not be authorized or safe to use.

Waves - Complete v10 2018.08.07 (VST, VST3, AAX, STANDALONE) x64 is a great bundle for any music producer or audio engineer who wants to enhance their sound quality and creativity with professional and innovative tools.


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