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Gulfood 2014 Exhibitor List Download |WORK|

$script('/__includes/js/librarysearch.js');$script(' -popup.min.js', function() $script('/includes/javascript/ASPModal.old.js'); ); Bhole Baba Milk Food Ind. Ltd.Stand: F2-46 Volys StarStand: S2-D39 Jaykas Foods Pvt LtdStand: HP-K29 Cooperativa Yerbatera Andresito LTDAStand: Z2-C78 KRUNG SIAM BEVERAGE CO.LTD.Stand: Z2-D61 Docile Alimentos LtdaStand: S-J50 FOOD CITY (ATT GROUP)Stand: HP2-C2 American Beverage MarketersStand: S3-F8 CONALLISONStand: F3 - 34 Talal Hassan Foodstuff Trading (L.L.C)Stand: HP2-I22 ExpoEast For Manufacturing & Global TradeStand: M-D16 Dadash Baradar Industrial Co. ShonizStand: R-Q53 Pinar Sut Mam. San. A.S.Stand: C1-2 UNIONE CO. LTD.Stand: R-M33 AL PROTEINSStand: 438 ASTRA FARMS CO LTDStand: R-C16 Alakkad Company for Industry and TradeStand: R-B23 Societe Agro Export Sahel SagesStand: R-F41 ANABTAWI SWEETSStand: M-J17 Roy InternationalStand: Z5-G20 Fida S.p.A.Stand: S1-D46 XIAMEN CHOICE HARVEST IMPORT & EXPORT CO. LTDStand: ZP-L16 Negin Naderi Ind. GroupStand: R-S21 Caribbean Crescent Inc Quality Ethnic FoodsStand: S3-C20 Cas ExportacionesStand: Z4-D40 PROTRADEStand: S-D14 Tirlan LTDStand: S3-C51 PT. Sionchem Global IndoStand: Z1-F46 Safe Agritrade Pvt. Ltd.Stand: Z5-D54 VitakaiStand: S-P5 Quality Flavors Pvt LtdStand: Z6-F6 AgrosevillaStand: S1-L9 $script(' _base/1-2-0/includes/javascripts/src/global/plugins/slick.min.js', function()$script(' -rows.js', function()libraryListCarouselRows.init(element: '.m-exhibitors-list--carousel-rows .m-exhibitors-list__items[searchgroup="B374276C-exhibitors"]',autoplay: true,autoplaySpeed: 4000,speed: 1000,arrows: false,arrowsElement: '.m-exhibitors-list__pagination[searchgroup="B374276C-exhibitors"]',dots: false,rows: 2, slidesPerRow: 2, slidesPerRowTablet: 3, slidesPerRowLaptop: 4, slidesPerRowDesktop: 4);););

Gulfood 2014 Exhibitor List Download


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