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And while the black haired woman was a bit slimmer than her blonde friend, she still had those few extra pounds that come with age. She was wearing a purple bikini, and it was almost as tiny as her blonde friend's number. The bottoms were tiny, barely covering her nether-regions, with the tiny purple straps clinging to her hips, wrapping around her body. This showed off both her long, taut legs, and her slightly more fit belly. And of course, like her friend, her tits were absolutely massive. Just full, round fleshy tits, not quite as large as her friend's, but still huge, heavy breasts. They were tightly contained in a slightly less brazen bikini top, the full round breasts being held in place by slightly larger panels of stretchy, purple material. While the blonde was happy to let her huge tits pour over the edges, the black haired woman wanted her boobs held in place tightly, causing her tits to balloon out slightly. Unlike her tanned friend, the mature skin she was leaving on display was a creamy pale, meaning this body didn't get shown off like this too often.

"If you boys were coming down for Spring Break looking for some hot ass, I think it's your lucky day," the mature blonde called out boldly, sauntering towards the two young college men, leading her friends. The three women moved to the edge of the tub, and each dipped a foot inside to enter. And as they did, they each turned around, causing the two young men's jaws to drop once again.

The black haired woman was slimmer than her counterparts, so while her ass wasn't as large as her friends, it was still round, full, and prominent. Each smooth, round pale cheek jutted out from her frame. The small purple thong met in a triangle on her lower back before descending, disappearing between the smooth, meaty, mature ass-cheeks. Her ass was the firmest and tightest of the three, but still showed the tell-tale signs of this being the round full ass of an older woman.

It was the biggest of the three, for sure, and the most shapely. Each of the full, round cheeks jutted out from her thick frame, large, full and meaty. But despite that ass looking like it was almost too much to handle, it seemed perfectly shaped for her body. The tanned, mature skin looked surprisingly smooth, begging to be touched. Each of the round, meaty ass-cheeks curved inward at the crack, creating a deep, dark crevasse, which swallowed the tiny green thong string completely.

The possibility of long-term romance didn't really factor into the first two Magic Mike movies, which were all about fleeting transactional encounters. I guess that makes Magic Mike's Last Dance the more mature, thoughtful entertainment, and I'm not sure that's entirely a good thing. Don't get me wrong: Tatum and Hayek Pinault have an on-screen chemistry that's both romantic and collaborative. Their characters' creative back-and-forth becomes a vision of gender parity in action: Max wants to thrill her play's female audience, but she needs Mike's smarts and expertise to do it. Still, there's something a little too dutiful and even dull about the way the characters' mutual attraction ultimately plays out.

Next year she hopes to expand her business with a line of slips and camisoles for mature women made entirely out of cougar pelts. Fox also has plans to develop a series of Speedo- style mouse-hide briefs for men. 041b061a72


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