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Home Free Lanford Wilson Pdf

Home Free! by Lanford Wilson: A Review

Home Free! is a one-act play by American playwright Lanford Wilson, first produced off-off-Broadway at the Caffe Cino in 1964. The play is among Wilson's earlier works, and explores the themes of incest, agoraphobia, and fantasy in a darkly comedic and tragic way. The play features two main characters, Lawrence and Joanna, who are brother and sister living in a cramped apartment filled with toys, books, and imaginary friends. Joanna is pregnant with Lawrence's child, and Lawrence suffers from extreme fear of the outside world. The play depicts their bizarre and twisted relationship, as well as their interactions with their fictional neighbors, Edna and Claypone.

The play is written in a naturalistic style, with realistic dialogue and minimal stage directions. However, the play also incorporates elements of absurdism, surrealism, and expressionism, as the characters often break into song, dance, or monologue, and the boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred. The play challenges the audience's perception of normality, morality, and sanity, as well as their expectations of theatrical conventions. The play also reflects Wilson's interest in astronomy, psychology, and literature, as he makes references to the Pleiades, Freud, and Lewis Carroll throughout the play.

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The play has been praised for its originality, humor, and poignancy, as well as its daring exploration of taboo topics. The play has also been criticized for its lack of plot, structure, and coherence, as well as its disturbing and offensive content. The play has been compared to the works of Edward Albee, Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, and Tennessee Williams. The play has been performed in various venues and countries over the years, often with different interpretations and adaptations. The play has also been published in several anthologies and collections of Wilson's plays.

If you are interested in reading or watching Home Free!, you can find a PDF version of the script online, or watch a video recording of a 1986 New York revival of the play. You can also learn more about the play's history, themes, and reception by reading the Wikipedia article or some scholarly articles on the play.

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