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RazorSQL 8.4.1 ##VERIFIED##

  • 8.4.1EnhancementsOracle Database Browser: Added ability to generate grants for procedures, functions, and packages

  • MS SQL Server Database Browser: Added ability to generate grants for procedures and functions

  • DB2 LUW Database Browser: Added ability to generate grants for tables, views, and procedures

  • ChangesUpdated to jsch SSH library to version 0.1.55

  • DB2: Edit Procedure and Edit Function: Includes information about using createor replace syntax to preserve permissions

RazorSQL 8.4.1


  • 7.1.2EnhancementsEdit Table Tool: Apache Derby: Added support for identity / auto increment columns

  • Added preference for whether to warn on disconnect

  • Added an Extra Large option to the View -> Text Size menu

  • Added an Extra Large option to the View -> Icon Size menu

  • ChangesChanged default memory settings on 64-bit versions

  • SFTP Client - set max authentication tries to 1 to prevent account locking

  • Changed default max memory for razorsql_himem.exe to 6 GB

  • Bug FixesSQL Server to PostgreSQL conversions for smallint and tinyint not working correctly

  • File System Browser and FTP client icons not displaying correctly when View - Icon Sizemenu option set to larger than normal

  • 6.3.12EnhancementsExport Tool: Added an option to not halt on errors when exporting multiple tables

  • Added UCanAccess JDBC driver support

  • Allow user to change the location of the built in database

  • Command Line Interface all to pass all information to connect to the databaseon the command lineExample:java -Xms64M -Xmx1200M -jar razorsql.jar -export "jdbc:mysql://" "select * from department" csv "/Users/user/Desktop/export.txt" NO NO NO "DEFAULT" "DEFAULT"

  • ChangesUpgraded internal database from HSQLDB 1.8 to HSQLDB 2.3

  • Database conversion: When converting from a database with default upper caseto a database with default lower case or vice versa, no longer wrap generatedcolumn names in quotes if they are not in the default case

  • Bug FixesPostgreSQL function names not displaying in the database browserfor certain PostgreSQL databases

  • DynamoDB: Errors occur if attributes are not present near the beginningof the table, but do have values later in the table

  • Query scheduler does not work with Salesforce

  • Generate SQL from query results with table name witha space not generating correct SQL

  • Salesforce - unable to query Case table due to SQL syntax error

  • Database Conversion: Boolean types getting converted to Oracle failing on insert

  • 6.3.9EnhancementsAdded ability to load binary data from a file via an insert statement with the razorsql_load_binary syntaxinsert into test_table values (1, razorsql_load_binary('C:\test.png'));

  • File System Browser search now prints out files results were found in

  • File System Browser search should search sub-directories

  • Added ability to delete inserts

  • Added ability to delete macros

  • ChangesDescribe Table Window should be resizable

  • Bug FixesHome / End keys do not work in dialog text areas

  • SQLite: binary data editor sometimes throws errors

  • Drop database window has incorrect title

  • FTP Transfer window not showing file sizes correctly for very large files

  • Sybase: exec statements not always displaying results for all result setsreturned by procedure

  • DynamoDB: querying binary columns throws error

  • Unable to create a connection using the RazorSQL JDBC Bridge with the"Other" database type

  • SimpleDB: when itemName is a column in the column list, the itemNamecolumn is not being populated

  • Sizing issues on Command Line Call Generator window

  • 6.2.4EnhancementsAdded auto download and install option for the MS SQL Server driverfor SQL Server and SQL Azure

  • Added razorsql_portable.exe to the Windows version for launchinga self-contained version of RazorSQL that does not store dataoutside of its directory structure

  • ChangesUpgraded JRE to version 1.7.0_45 on Windows and Linux versions

  • Upgraded DejuVu Sans Mono fonts to the latest versions

  • Made MS SQL Driver the default driver for SQL Azure

  • Bug FixesSQL Server and Sybase - Large numbers being rounded when returned in scientficnotation from the driver

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