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Couple Promise Rings Set - The meaning of the ring, its tradition and the history

The connection to engagement rings has its origins in a long-standing tradition that has been in existence since Antiquity. At the time, an engagement ring represented that the dowry was being paid before it became the symbol of love that we have today.

The engagement ring symbolizes the promise of marriage, and also the dedication and commitment of both partners.

The circular shape of the ring is not insignificant: without beginning or end it is a universal symbol of love and fidelity. It is also a symbol of perfection and eternality.

The history of engagement rings from the beginning of time until today

The meaning of the engagement ring has changed throughout time, from ancient times to present day.

In the past, it was thought that the finger of the ring was directly linked to the heart. This is the reason why the ring was placed on the left hand, on the side of the heart, as a sign of infinite love and a lifetime of commitment.

Since the Middle Ages it was common custom that women were given a ring by their partner as a symbol of their marriage vows. The act was taken so serious that women were prohibited from wearing a jewelry piece just for enjoyment.

The twin rings were introduced later. These are actually two rings worn together. The man wears the band until the day of wedding before handing it to the bride who will wear it as an engagement ring.

The engagement ring today is a crucial element of the formal announcement of a marriage. In France only the bride typically wears an engagement ring. The man is generally the one who selects and purchases the engagement ring.

Engagement ring – tradition personality, uniqueness, and meaning vs. value

In other countries, the value of a wedding ring could be determined by the earnings of the man. However, the French place greater importance on the ring of the woman.

The choice of material and the size of the diamond also is a crucial factor in our country, but for women, it's the originality and meaning of the engagement ring that have the lead.

The traditional meaning of a ring is important to the majority of people. It is a symbol of eternal love and loyalty to one's loved ones.

Engagement ring: still relevant?

Trends always include the use of an engagement ring. The tradition is relatively new in all classes. In the past, gifting an engagement ring to the bride-to-be was reserved for the most wealthy society and nobles who were looking to marry. A ring made of precious metal and adorned with a diamond was simply too costly for the poorer populace.

As the economy grew, wages climbed. growth in the 1950s, which allowed more and more men to present a cherished ring to their beloved. The custom of giving an engagement ring, once reserved for the upper class it is now available to all. The number of couples perpetuating this engagement ring tradition was on the rise throughout the 1970s.

The trend of gifting an engagement ring to your spouse continues today. In the past it was customary for men to also wear rings. Today more than 90% of them gift their partner a ring for their engagement, only to get the wedding ring later on in the wedding day.

Celebrity couples continue this romantic tradition by wearing opulent engagement rings and hosting unique events. Celebrities are often emulated by younger people. There is a high chance that the next generation will continue the tradition.

Engagement ring: What is it for?

What is the purpose of an engagement ring? This is a question many people ask because they aren't aware of the tradition and significance of the engagement ring. Here are five reasons why a diamond engagement is worth a lot.

Many men believe that an engagement jewelry piece is a romantic gift for her, as well as a unique one for him. You won't need to purchase another engagement ring if you've found your perfect partner.

The main reason women are attracted to women is that they are sure that everyone who is around them, whether friends or acquaintances will be awed by the incredible brilliance and luster of their diamond (the size is just right for them )...

They frequently say: "Do you have to ask these questions? It's not romantic enough. >>

1,000 euros (for the ring) divided by the amount of time you spend together (which will be many! That's awesome! It's only just a few euros per year!

Peer pressure Peer pressure: All the women in your circle of friends are either already or soon to have an engagement ring.


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